Can a fix Exercise routine cure Body Pain Permanently?

Want to cure Body Pain? As this world works at a fast pace, body pain has become a part of everybody’s life. Body pain in adults is really common and this is an issue which almost every age group suffers from in one or another. According to a survey that was conducted across India in 2019, proof that 22% of the seniors above the age of 60 suffers from body aches and pains. (Source: Statista)

Many of us have developed the misconception that exercise is the main cause of body pain but do we even realize that exercise can be a powerful tool to cure body ache permanently because it manages the body pain issues. One of the studies has even said that they have seen a 13% reduction in mortality rate among those who exercise regularly (source: BMC Public Health). Now you must be thinking about how to cure body pain permanently through exercise. Don’t worry because this article is your ultimate guide.

Understanding different types of body pain

Body pain is a common symptom which is experienced by most of the people around us and these sorts of pains often result in different kinds of injuries or illness. However not all body pain is the same and before moving forward on how you can cure body pain through exercise let’s understand what are some of the most common types of body pains.

1. Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute pain is the kind of pain which starts suddenly and occurs for a limited duration. Acute pain starts when there is damage of tissues in bones, muscles or organs which often results in anxiety and emotional distress. Acute pain is caused by surgery, broken bones, labor and childbirth. This pain is temporary and does not last longer than six months.

On the other hand, chronic pain lasts for a longer period than acute pain and is immune to most of the medical treatments. This type of pain is linked with various medical conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. Chronic pain most of the time can cause severe problems to the patients because of the pain signals remaining active in their nervous systems for weeks, months and even years.

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2. Muscular and Joint Pain 

Muscular pain is a type of pain that is confined to a muscle or group of muscles. This pain is usually caused from tension, muscle injury or physically demanding work. This pain is dangerous and limits the ability of a person to move the affected muscle group. 

However, joint pain is a discomfort that arises from any joint of your body. If you have arthritis then you can relate with joint pain the most but people with other conditions like bursitis, strains and spout  also face this type of pain.

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How can I cure body pain through exercise?

If you want to cure your body pain you must stop thinking that exercise is all about aerobic capacity and muscle size. There is no doubt that exercise can improve your physical health and your physique. But this is not something that motivates most of the people to stay active. You can start your exercise journey to feel energetic and relaxed throughout your day and also use it against some of the most common mental health challenges.  (Cure Body Pain now!)

You should do exercises daily for several benefits such as exercise acts as a natural painkiller and releases endorphins in your body which stimulates physiological responses. And, here is the list of two most common exercise for the body pain:

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular activities like walking and swimming are best for treating your body pain and you should at least walk 30 minutes daily for increasing strength and endurance. Whereas, swimming will relieve your pain without putting any stress on your muscles.

Stretching Exercises

You should do stretching in the case of muscle, chronic and joint pain because it erases stiffness from your body and gives you relief.

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There is no doubt that body pain is serious and we hope that you have cleared your misconception that exercise is a reason behind it. And, we would love to see you take your first step on maintaining your pain through different types of exercises.

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